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The North American Raw Petfood Association (NARPA) was created to represent the interests of companies making raw pet foods, or raw diets, and to promote the continued development of nutritious and safe raw diets. Our members are manufacturers who believe that the best way to promote health for our companion carnivores is to feed them food that comes as close as practical to a biologically appropriate, natural diet. This means a diet that is primarily based on some form of raw meats, bones and organ meats.

NARPA members produce a variety of high-quality, nutritious raw diets for the dogs and cats of this country.

Our Mission

  • To advance the public understanding of the benefits of feeding raw diets.

  • To encourage scientific exploration into the benefits of raw diets.

  • To establish accepted good manufacturing practices for the industry.

  • To work with government agencies with regard to regulations pertaining to raw diets.

  • To provide a public voice for raw diet manufacturers.

  • To act as a clearinghouse of information for veterinary and media inquiries.

Our website is under construction and additional information and resources will be added in the near future.

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